Proof! Obama biggest liar in presidential history


Kevin Hart, Publisher
August 19 2016

Years from now, when he’s sitting on the porch of some Hawaiian mansion counting his millions in book royalties and speaking fees, I hope Barack Obama finally has a moment of truth (and from stolen funds from the people), and I hope he realizes that the gulf between what he could have been, and what he ultimately became is large enough to make the Grand Canyon look like a pothole.

He was a man who filled stadiums with thousands of young, screaming fanatics… he was the first "African American" president, perfectly positioned to heal America’s racial divide (how’s that going?)… he was already figuring out how the National Park Service could fit his mug onto Mount Rushmore.

But this week we were reminded anew exactly what Obama really is.

Obama is the biggest liar in U.S. presidential history, and he seems intent on dominating the category the way Rocky Marciano dominated the heavyweight boxing ranks in the 1950s.

At some point this week, Obama and his team seemed to figure out that their seven-month jig was up.

The Wall Street Journal had discovered that the plane that carried U.S. hostages from Iranian soil in January — and the plane that delivered $400 million in cash (yes, cash) to the Iranian regime — were in tighter sync than a Blue Angels routine.

In fact, one former hostage said his Iranian captors told him that his release was dependent on the second plane full of cash arriving. That led yesterday to an admission from the State Department that the money was used as “leverage” to secure the hostages’ release.

In other words, we negotiated with terrorists and paid ransom for hostages, violating two long-standing American policies. (WHO ARE THESE HOSTAGES and WHAT DO THEY KNOW that it was important to bozo to be sure the cash was paid for their release?!)

And, of course, Obama lied about all of it.

Just weeks ago, Obama again denied that any ransom was paid — and it was hardly his first lie as far as his dealings with the Iran are concerned.

He told us that his Iranian nuclear deal would provide us with verifiable proof that Iran was no longer pursuing atomic weapons. That was a lie.

His administration even hid a side deal that would allow Iran to start pursuing nukes again once Obama leaves office.

Paying ransom for hostages — and lying about it to the American people — are bad enough to have the public storming the White House with pitchforks and throwing Obama’s possessions onto the lawn. But it wasn’t even the only lie Obama was caught telling this week.

Just days ago, officials from the United States Central Command admitted they were pressured to change intelligence briefings to make it look like the war against ISIS is going better than it is.

That allowed for an entire string of Obama lies that has put our soldiers — and, in fact, the entire American public — at risk.

Unfortunately, the lies that have come from Obama during his nearly eight years in office are nearly pathological in nature.

He lied when he said Obamacare would reduce premiums by thousands per year — they’ve skyrocketed instead, and the entire system is on the brink of collapse.

He lied when he said he wouldn’t try to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants through executive order — and then months later tried to pull it off.

He lied when he promised that he wouldn’t employ former lobbyists in his administration.

He is, again, the biggest liar in U.S. presidential history.
This is not a charge I make lightly — because between characters like John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, we’ve had some terrific liars in the Oval Office.
But Obama’s lies are different. Much of the lying from Kennedy, Clinton, and even Nixon to some extent, led to wounds that were self-inflicted or most directly affected the people around them.

Obama’s lies, on the other hand, have undermined national security, left millions of people dependent on a failing health care system, and, most recently, sent a message to terrorist thugs everywhere that we will pay (and pay dearly) for hostages.

Obama’s aversion to the truth made America — and the entire world — less safe.  That’s why I hope that when he reflects on his legacy, perhaps years down the road, Obama finally comes to terms with what he had the potential to be, and what he is. An enormous disappointment — and an unrepentant liar to boot. 

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