[Exclusive] MAJOR GOP insider, PAUL RYAN, sabotaging Trump

[Exclusive]  GOP  insider  sabotaging  Trump

Paul Ryan: A man of 2 faces, 2 parties, a wolf in sheep's clothing - jealous of Donald Trump perhaps?!

House Speaker Paul Ryan will be nothing but a problem for President Donald Trump.

That’s according to rival Paul Nehlen, the businessman running against Ryan in the Wisconsin GOP primary.

On a recent appearance on Fox News, Nehlen issued a dire warning for voters: Ryan is planning to sabotage Trump at every opportunity.

This is not the first time Ryan’s loyalty to his party’s leader has come under question by leading political insiders. (In reality, Ryan - a democrat - in republican uniform?!  ya think?!)  In May, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity complained about Ryan sabotaging Trump:

You have to be kidding me on . Establishment out to sabotage GOP nominee, yet they betrayed the base

In fact, Ryan’s distaste for Trump is one of the worst kept secrets in Washington, and could serve to thwart progress under a Trump administration.

While Ryan has officially endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, he hasn’t been shy about repeatedly, publicly criticizing his party’s candidate’s proposals as 'un-American' or even 'racist'. (Imagine that! The pot calling the kettle black - typical leftist comments and thinking)

Even when not directly attacking Trump, Ryan refuses to mention him. (Some jealousy and rivalry here, ya think?!)

At a recent meeting with a wealthy establishment donor network run by the billionaire Koch brothers, Ryan declined to even mention the name of his party’s presidential nominee during his speech to the group, and referenced the election as a “personality contest” without specific goals or principles.

It seems like even The Donald himself has had enough of Ryan’s shenanigans.

Yesterday, Trump took to Twitter to thank Ryan’s rival Nehlen for his kind words.


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