What the Arab nations know (Renato)

A comment by Renato on my article yesterday about how Arab and Muslim nations are not fulfilling their pledges to Palestinian Arab donor conferences sums up the situation nicely:

What I really think is that, in the end of the day, as Professor Yisrael Aumann shows in his great interview with EoZ, people usually are rational and make rational decisions - sometimes their rationale is debatable, but still makes sense to them.

After decades supporting "the most important cause in the world, the Palestinians", Arab leaders can't simply stop supporting them overnight, no matter how much the villas in Ramallah upset them. Ahmed Average would freak out, as his air-thin skin gets hurt by the slightest butterfly passing in the neighbouring country. So, to stick to the honor/shame demands, they appear to be champions of "Palestine", while deeds (and pockets) go where real world priorities lie.

Muslim leaders are fully aware that:

a) linkage/intersectionality/etc is crap

b) Palestinian "leaders" are too corrupt even for kleptocractic standards

c) Palestinian intransigence hasn't lead to any concrete gains other than PR stunts

d) Hamastan and Fatastan are independently ruled, and the rulers can't agree on even the most basic stuff

e) When left alone, Israel not only doesn't harm Muslims, she actually helps them

f) Jews are perfectly capable of keeping agreements and even improving on them, as Egypt and Jordan prove. They relinquished on stuff like tanks in Sinai and Tiran back to Saudi Arabia!

g) Muslims and Israel have a surprising number of shared enemies

h) The Internet has made it increasingly difficult for Muslim rulers to blame everything on Israel

With this in mind, it gets increasingly self-evident that Israel is not their problem. What is clear is that wasting money on "Palestine", which will end up in kleptocrats pockets anyway, makes less and less sense.

Therefore, Muslim nations are - slowly but surely - putting their money where their priorities are. Sure, keep the speeches for PR and internal consumption, but their deeds increasingly show that the situation is changing.

[EoZ] What is amazing to me is the amount of willful self-deception in Europe and the US to ignore the self-evident facts that the Arabs know listed above and still pretend that they are morally obligated to impose a peace plan that rewards the kleptocratic, terror supporting Palestinians.

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