Guess who's complaining about loud mosque PA systems? Hamas!

Hamas official Ahmed Yousef is reported to have complained on his Facebook page about the "chaos" caused by the huge number of mosques that are  disturbing the peace with their incessant announcements and sermons in Gaza.

According to the report, Yousef asked whether anyone at the Ministry of Awqaf can be held responsible for this "mess."

Throughout the month of Ramadan, we can not rest; the sounds of the PA systems do not calm down and are heard all day and night. In the morning  the sheikhs'  throats are bursting with their prayers and are unforgiving for those who want to sleep after the prayer. .. .. Ears are rattling.  If you try to take a nap the voices of microphones start again, mixing with the sounds of those calling people to give to charity and to offer their assistance to the mosque.  This scene is repeated routinely each day.
It is our right to enjoy quiet.
Just remember: when non-Muslims complain about being woken up by calls to prayer and loud sermons from nearby mosques, they are being Islamophobic.

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