"Jews are planning to take over Mecca and Medina"

A report in Yemen site Shaharah claims that Jews are planning to take over the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, as part of their plan (together with the US) to control the Middle East.

Here's how it works. Israel has been cataloging the Jewish-owned property that stolen by Muslim countries. Ostensibly it is to weaken Palestinian claims but it is really part of a larger project.

In 1983, Congress secretly adopted a plan by Bernard Lewis to break up the Arab world by redrawing all borders according to ethnic groups. This is meant to cause the Arabs to fight each other and destroy each other without the West bothering to fire a shot. Then the oil will all belong to the West.

Today's sectarian problems in Iraq and Syria and Yemen is all the result of this plan, which was apparently hatched originally by the Jews many centuries ago.

Saudi Arabia is too powerful, so breaking it up and forcing Muslims to fight over Mecca and Medina fits in with Jewish plans of domination, By ending Saudi Arabia's spiritual leadership in the Muslim world it will make it much easier to conquer it.

The Jews also want to take back Khaybar and Bani Nadir and other places that Jews were ethnically cleansed from 1500 years ago by Mohammed.

The photo illustrating the story shows exactly who is behind this plot.

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