MG3 Hatchback in Thailand

Today will be a short one. The now China owned MG brand cars are being sold in Thailand. According to the sales people it is hard to sell over there. The car in the photographs is the MG3 hatchback 1.5. It costs somewhere in the region of RM55,000+-. Quite good value and if you think about it, this is the about the same price as the Great Wall Haval M4 or a Perodua Myvi.

I think if this were sold in Malaysia at say RM65,000 it could sell in decent numbers. Why? I think the MG brand name is strong here. There is a sense of nostalgia when it comes to MG. Market its older British heritage (especially with the Union Jack on the roof) people may go for it.

It also looks pretty good. The MG3 here may only have a 1.5 liter 106ps engine but what would make it sell would be heritage. Harp on the fact that MG still has a plant in the UK and all that.

It does look good. Wonder if there are any entrepreneurs brave enough to bring this classic 'British' (China owned now remember?) brand back to Malaysia. Some may remember the Rover MG being imported in the late 90s and early 2000s. Prior to this were the classic MGBs and MG Midgets by British Leyland in the 1970s.  A third coming maybe?

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