Leaked photos of the 2016 USDM Honda Civic

Someone has leaked photos of the upcoming 2016 USDM model Honda Civic. USDM means United States Domestic Market. What we know is that the car is usually slightly different from global specced or JDM specced cars. Slightly different front and rear lights and bumpers too. 

The USDM Honda Civic seems to look more like a hatchback than a sedan. But as its the US market, it is most likely a sedan. It looks long and low. And a whole lot larger looking than before. I think even the Accord in the 1990s would be dwarfed by it.  I believe the JDM versions will have a slightly different rear light cluster. This looks very American in my opinion. Especially that extra elongated bit that is on the lip spoiler on the boot. I think the JDM and global variant would be more traditionally placed with a large reflector making the taillight cluster look larger. The front end of this USDM car has got lots of chrome. JDM may get less bling. 

Who knows. What we know is that the launch of this Civic will be sometime next week. We would know how global markets look sometime after that. 

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