True Authority

Shocking as it may seem, did you know that basically human beings lack true authority? Anybody now acting on the seeming authority of people should consider the following:

First, the true authorities on this earth are the created laws of nature. Those natural laws are inviolable and self-enforcing, and only when obeyed do they provide right results.

Early in life babies are protected by others from harm, regarding these natural laws. Toddlers unknowingly learn that they get bumped and bruised by losing their balance, as gravity asserts its authority. Older children also learn lessons from natural laws when their actions do not conform to natural-law authority.

Clearly this is how the creator's laws that people now call Laws of Physics do govern everybody on earth.

However, decades ago Richard Wetherill identified a natural law of behavior. He named it the Law of Right Action - a law that requires mankind's thoughts, words, and actions to be rational, honest, and morally right to get successful results.

So as people unknowingly fail to obey the creator's behavioral law, their wrong results have been persistently causing their deaths.

Resolve to obey this natural Law of Right Action and "live ye," as the creator promised the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel ages ago.

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