Purple Heart Vet Reveals What Trump Said Backstage

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been getting a lot of media heat for having accepted a Purple Heart medal from retired Army Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman this week, especially because he stated at the time that it was much easier receiving it as a gift versus being awarded it for being wounded in combat.

Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, however, Dorfman refuted the accusations being lodged by liberal media pundits that Trump was ungrateful for the gift.  “It’s been taken out of context,” he said, according to The Washington Times. “He told me backstage how much an honor it was.“

Listen to his full statement below:

Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman Explains 
Why He Gave Donald His Purple Heart

Dorfman also expounded on why he gave the GOP nominee the medal in the first place. He thinks he will make the best president — just like other combat veterans do.

“I thought he was going to make a very good commander in chief, and I wanted him to have that medal in his hand to remember all the people who have fought and died for this country,” Dorfman said.
 Veteran Gives Donald Trump His Purple Heart Medal 8/2/16 
Ever since Dorfman gave Trump the medal as a sincere gesture of faith in the candidate’s capability to be a good leader, the entire liberal mainstream media complex has been in 100 percent attack mode, using every opportunity available to denigrate the billionaire candidate.

From calling him ungrateful to falsely claiming that he dodged the draft (according to PolitFact, Trump in fact had a medical deferment), the media have managed to twist the candidate’s humble acceptance of Dorfman’s Purple Heart medal into a scandal of epic proportions.
But according to Dorfman, there is no scandal, and there should never have been one. In other words, the media have essentially used this veteran’s actions to smear Trump — and that in itself seems like a far more wanton act of disrespect than anything the GOP nominee has ever done.

How do you feel about the media twisting this Purple Heart medal recipient’s actions to make Trump look bad!
Ugh ... are you as disgusted by the media as we are?

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