Obama Threatens to Pronounce Himself Dictator if Trump Wins....

Obama Threatens to Pronounce Himself Dictator if Trump Wins....

This appears to us that this is a 3rd or 4th generation Obozo clown (clone)....chin is too short, voice not right, hair is darker, seems to have darker skin tone, left ear is messed up, talks with the left side of his mouth pointed up and all this for starters.... We have not seen his last clone for several weeks...NOTE THE FLAG DOES NOT APPEAR TO HAVE A GOLD FRINGE!!!!
The man who violates the Constitution on a daily basis says Donald Trump is not fit to be President and that he will not tolerate a Trump presidency.  Trump, he says, will not adhere to the political norms like McCain and Romney, i.e. he will not be an obsequious Republican.  The most corrupt politician ever to hold the office of President and his leftist minions say that Trump is “insane” and psychologically unstable because he gets into conflicts with Democrat operatives.  GOP fools who fall for Democrat propaganda and attempt to mollify them with political correctness are lambasted by Obama for their support of Trump.

The real definition of insanity is Democrats who criminally charge children for making a gun of their thumb and forefinger.  The real insanity is Democrats who criminally charged a child for burping in class.  The truly insane are Democrats who keep electing more Democrats to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The criminally insane are the leftists who cover up and promote the corruption of the Democrat Party.

Obama’s concern that Trump will undo everything Obama has worked to inflict on this nation is real. Therefore his threat is real.  Trump represents the restoration of Americanism over Obamaism and the transformation of the America Obama promised through the Islamization of the West.  

The Donald’s response is that Hillary is unfit to be President because she has assisted Obama and his policies of weakening America and strengthening Islamic jihadi’s.  That this could finally create the Constitutional crisis of which conservatives have been warning will not be an “I told you so” moment.

Obama calls Trump “unfit to be president”   IS THIS AHO INSANE OR WHAT....

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