With the ever increasing body count following every Clinton move, you would say "YES!" to Clinton's demands to fudge, wouldn't you?!

According to FBI agents, who spoke anonymously to the
New York Post last week, there is widespread skepticism within the Bureau regarding that infamous meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. 

"FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting,” a source told the paper.  That meeting, which occurred only a few days before FBI Director James Comey announced his decision not to recommend Hillary Clinton for prosecution, has been the subject of intense controversy.

 While Clinton and Lynch insist that they spent 30 minutes 'chatting about their grandchildren and other idle topics', the stunning appearance of impropriety gave critics even more cause to question the FBI’s decision.

Adding fuel to the fire, it’s now been revealed that FBI agents involved in the investigation were forced to sign something called a “Case Briefing Acknowledgment.” This form, which amounts to a non-disclosure agreement, struck the Post’s FBI sources as suspiciousThis is very, very unusual,” one retired FBI official said. “I’ve never signed one, never circulated one to others.”

FBI agents are routinely required to sign NDAs to get security clearance, but the special CBA form is reserved only for the rarest and most sensitive cases. At the very least, it proves that the FBI’s inquiry into Hillary’s email situation was, from the beginning, a criminal investigation and not a “security review.” If anyone ever bought into that in the first place.

No one in America should be surprised to see someone with political power escape justice; this is not exactly the first time we’ve watched someone powerful get away with something. 

What’s surprising in this case is the audacity. If Comey had come out and said, “Yeah, she’s guilty, but she’s protected,” it would have only been slightly more obvious than it actually is. It’s almost like Hillary and Obama decided to test the boundaries of what the American public would put up with. (And Americans CONTINUE to yawn and go their merry way while the 'bad guys' CONTINUE to commit crimes against them - all the way to the coming death camps.)

But then, that shouldn’t be surprising, either, because both of them have been conducting those tests for years. 

Hmm, how flagrantly can we violate the Constitution? 

Hmm, how blatantly can we use the State Department as a funnel for political donations? 

Hmm, how thoroughly can we ignore Islamic terrorism?

The scary part isn’t that they’re conducting these tests. The scary part is that they have not, apparently, found that elusive limit yet.


And various dinar 'intel' report websites as well as the channelers of demons CONTINUE to report that the cabal is on the run, has left planet Earth, and that the 'good' guys ("white hats") are in charge!!!???  Say WHAT?  Our question is: where's the PROOF of their statements, because the BAD guys STRONGLY appear to REMAIN in charge, and we the people are STILL being held in bondage and slavery - while most in this nation are asleep as usual.

America, the tanks and nukes are now appearing on the horizon and STILL you stand there ignoring the evidence and warnings and doing NOTHING to put a stop to it.  

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