"Kill Drug Dealers!," says Philippine President

"Kill Drug Dealers!" Says Philippine President

When it comes to ridding the Philippine streets of illegal drug dealers, Rodrigo Duterte isn't screwing around.  "Shoot them and I'll give you a medal," says the president, Duterte.

Politics isn't my specialty, but politicians seem to have emptied their intellectual bowels long ago. How is replacing a drug problem with a murder problem a solution?

I get it...he's pissed and he wants to hold drug dealers responsible.

We have the same issue in the US, but it's not drug dealers killing our people.  It's Big Pharma.

Today, prescription drugs are deadlier than heroin and cocaine combined.  If stacked, the corpses from annual drug deaths would reach from Earth up 125,000 feet where Felix Baumgartner made his record-breaking jump from space.
Meanwhile, Big Pharma CEO's pocket millions in cash, stock options and bonus pay.

Who the hell is holding THEM accountable?!?  

A few of their heinous crimes are as follows:

Ghostwriting — the sneaky art of paying medical ghost writers to hype up drug benefits while downplaying the risks…then paying doctors to sign their names on articles they didn't even write…and plugging these articles directly into "esteemed, peer-reviewed medical journals"… which then hypnotize other doctors to prescribe these same drugs to millions of patients.

Checkbook science — the insidious art of prescribing drugs that are NOT INTENDED TO CURE ANYTHING…but which are intended to fill the fuXXing bank accounts of drug companies indefinitely…while the bodies of patients pileup and side effects run rampant.

Testing their drugs on innocent children in 3rd world countries is among the most heinous of crimes, yet its mentioned nowhere in the media…

Tens of thousands of babies were robbed of their appendages thanks to the drug thalidomide (made and sold by German drug company Chemie Grünenthal), which was hyped as "safe," courtesy of medical ghostwriting.

Then, there's Bayer. They intentionally sold immune damaging-contaminated blood products in order to not miss out on any profits…

"When Bayer's Cutter Laboratories realized that their blood products, Factor VIII and IX or antihemophiliac factor (AHF), were contaminated, the financial investment in the product was considered too high to destroy the inventory," wrote scientists writing for Accountability in Research. 
"Bayer misrepresented the results of its own research and sold the contaminated AHF to overseas markets in Asia and Latin America without the precaution of heat treating the product recommended for eliminating the risk. As a consequence, hemophiliacs who infused the HIV-contaminated Factor VIII and IX tested positive for HIV and developed AIDS."

Great way to earn a living, Bayer!

And let's not forget Celebrex, an abysmal failure of a pain-killing drug (made and marketed by Pfizer). Doctors were bribed to prescribe Celebrex as "the safest pain killer in history." It killed about 50,000 according to the FDA.

How does 50,000 dead bodies translate into "safe?"

Who's calling for the termination of these drug criminals?!?

Props to Rodrigo Duterte for having some balls, and for taking a stand for the Filipino people.

Meanwhile in America, it's perfectly legal — and socially acceptable — to sell dangerous prescription drugs to unsuspecting citizens.

Of course, you can't ignore the abject, ignorance and lack of responsibility among patients.  Shuffling orange pill bottles and choking down any pill prescribed is an American way of life. The US swallows over 50% of the entire worlds prescription drugs…

Statins, blood pressure meds, antidepressants, aspirin, blood thinners…all of them slowly killing their users while enriching Big Pharma.

These are the drug dealers we need to banish.  And all you have to do is wake up, take charge and ditch the meds with my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded - like the 480 readers who posted 5-star reviews on Amazon!  Read them at www.BestCureBook.com

America's "health care" system is a fxxking clown fest because profits are cherished above all else. Ghostwriting fuels this craziness by keeping everyone in the dark. The result is a warped version of "medicine" that's allowed to persist.

And you thought "asking your doctor" for a drug you saw on TV was a good idea…

Dare to live young, The People's Chemist....

P.S. Don't be a moron and think I'm advocating for physical violence like Duterte…I'm suggesting you stop taking the meds that are slowly killing you.  Nothing crazy, just logical.  But yea, if you want to run over a few drug reps while riding your bike through the park, go for it.

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