Chaos Coming - Over the Edge, Beyond the Pale


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Over the Edge, Beyond the Pale - Chaos Coming

3 August 2016

While Americans sleep and go about their lives as if nothing is going on, the danger mounts as ISIS just gave out a KILL LIST FOR 13 STATES, and we all know that ISIS is a CIA-Obama operation of the elite to fulfill Albert Pikes Three World Wars,  Chaos and the fall of America into the New World Order. The plans are all but complete, ready to go. 

Will Trump ever get to be President, or have the plans to totally unseat him been activated already? Trump claims the November election process has been rigged, Obama claims Trump is unfit for office, the RNC is splitting, throwing the election to Hillary, and on and on it goes. 

Strange object appears making a solar eclipse occur and no knows what it was/is, and then the feed goes down. Earth changes on the uptick.  More and more armed hunters vanishing in our national park.  Over 800,000 children go missing every year, and something very strange is going on all around us. CERN to be outdone by China's CERN, while China threatens the West in war drum beating. 

Will the Dogs of War soon be unleashed?


Lightgate with Stewart Best
August 3, 2016

ISIS releases a KILL LIST for 13 states (Masonic #) with 24,439 Americans listed upon it. If you add the numbers across it comes to 22 or we could say 11 11.

Then we have Trump (The LAST Trump) who says the November election is already rigged to put Hillary into office. Then we have Obama saying something that no President should ever say in an election, that 'Trump is UNFIT for office'. The gloves really are off, and the New World Order is in full activation – and then we have Syria, Turkey, Putin in an ever growing complex gathering that appears to be the one involved in the soon to come Ezekiel Wars.

Earth changes are becoming more and more erratic, and things are very strange in our national park syste, where many people simply vanish into thin air and are never seen again, found years later in strange locations – BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS ON THE INCREASE, and many strange events beginning to occur over the world. The GATEWAYS ARE OPENING.

CERN goes high power, the gravity wave approaches, the Destroyer is inbound, the Sun is anomalous and time/space bends. Get ready for a ride!!!

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