You have the United Nations, the Vati-CON, the Muslim Brotherhood in 'government' offices right here in Wash DC and Clinton, Obama, McCain and a myriad of other traitors in Wash DC to thank for this. Better make up your minds NOW what you are going to do about this - time is running out fast..............

The German 'migrant' issue is rearing its ugly head again. After receiving more than one million 'migrants' in 2015 and already taking in over 500,000 this year, the 'migrants' are angry about the time that it’s taking to get them settled. Because you know, it’s pretty easy to get over 1.5 million people settled.

( Note: These muslims are NOT 'migrants', but jihadis - check their sex and ages - who are, under the orders of the Vati-CON and the United Nations - FORCING the relocation of these muslims in to nations worldwide to cause havoc and uprisings, creating wars with the objective of eliminating populations worldwide. These 'migrants' have no intention of working for a living or contributing anything positive but, instead, threaten riots, rapes, disruptions and deaths of the population within the nations the Vati-CON and UN are disbursing them to if they don't get their demands met!!)

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has a large backlog of cases of 'migrants' trying to enter. With 1.5 million new people, that is easy to understand why. Well, a group of 6,000 'migrants' decided to ban together and attempt to sue the German government. 

(You ready for this BS America?  These AHOs should be put on boats and planes and dumped in the ocean - period.)

But  that’s  not  the  end  of  the  story.  

They are using the German incident as a stepping stone to enter America. It has already been done in other European countries and it’s how ISIS (U.S.A. creation and funder) has spread all the way to Spain from the Middle East. They have figured out EXACTLY how to “work the system” so that they can keep spreading and growing.
This office deals with the increasing amount of 'migrants' coming into Germany.  They’re ('migrants') suing their host country because asylum claims are taking too long to process.  

Two things should pop into your mind reading that sentence. 

1) Why would you sue your host government? And 

2) How could it NOT take a long time?  There are over 1.5 million people to help!

Normally asylum claims take, on average, three months to go through but because of the massive wave of new 'migrants', that waiting time has been pushed back to, on average, five or six months.

However, these 'migrants' are saying that there is 'government' “inactivity” when dealing with their claims. Well, no, that’s not quite right.

If you just think and use logic for a second you’ll discover the answer. I know that is difficult for liberals to do, but just listen. There are 1.5 million new people coming into the country. All of them are seeking asylum (a L I E), so it’s going to take some time to get everything settled.

German Migrants
There are literally 1.5 million people that are asking for asylum. Of course it’s going to be slow

The risk that you take if you just start letting a lot of people go is that they can’t properly do background checks. If you can’t do that, then it gives terrorist organizations, namely ISIS, a better chance of getting their fighters inside to commit some more acts of terror.

And that’s where AMERICA comes into play.

They (the muslims of course) are aiming to have a favorable decision in Germany so that they can then use that case in the American judicial system. And if Obama’s past actions say anything, they would easily win the case and be allowed to POUR into our borders with practically zero background checks.

(Exactly what is happening RIGHT NOW - ON PURPOSE!)

Of course maybe that is what these people want. If they can put enough pressure on the 'government', then they will be able to get into the country quicker and spread terror throughout Germany. It’s definitely a possibility that it can happen. It’s why the German government needs to stand strong and continue doing what they are doing.  

(Merkel has SOLD OUT Germany and the German people to the Vati-CON and the United Nations - period.)

Considering all the terrorist activity that has happened in the past month, that is something that the German government cannot afford to do. They need to make sure that these people coming in pass their background checks. If they don’t, then they aren’t allowed into the country. Plain and simple. 

(This will NEVER HAPPEN because the Vati-CON, the United Nations and the muslim brotherhood along with the jihadis will PUSH and PUSH and PUSH to let them in, creating enough havoc to FORCE Germany to give in and let these bastards in without the background checks. This will also happen in the States.)
ISIS soldiers
The process is slow because they need to pass the background checks. They can’t afford to make mistakes and let ISIS agents into the country

Seriously for these 'migrants' to even consider suing a host government because their claims are taking too long is pure stupidity. (I disagree - it is precedent setting to make their entrance in to the states without 'borders' and without prior vetting a 'given'.)  You need to respect the rules and regulations of the host country. (The muslims, the Vati-CON and UN do NOT 'respect' ANY borders - period.) This includes not complaining when a government is 'taking too long' for an asylum claim because its you and 1.5 million other people all wanting the same thing.

Unfortunately, it seems that some 'courts' are ruling in favor of the migrants. 

In the region of Hessen, there have been over 100 successful court cases. That may not seem like a lot, but it is a giant increase because in 2014 AND 2015 combined, there were only 45 successful cases.

According to Hessen spokesman Reinhard Ruthsatz, these lawsuits could only be the beginning. In his region alone, there are 400 pending complaints about the waiting times.
Germany has graciously opened its doors to you. And you respond by complaining it’s taking a long time? Just stop

Putting all government assistance aside, it’s incredibly rude to attempt to sue the host government because of the waiting times. Germany has graciously accepted many people. So for the 'migrants' to even consider suing them for wait time is just plain rude and obnoxious.

The saddest part is that this isn’t the first time that they have attempted to sue the government. Back in January, thousands of 'migrants' were complaining about the wait times that they had to endure. Well, now they’re back at it again.

There is some good news, however. Ruthsatz says that while some court cases have been successful, most suits will not find in favor of the migrant worker. The reason? Well, it takes six to nine months for an asylum claim to be processed. It takes a formal complaint up to a year to clear.  That means that these migrants will either already have their asylum claims handled. So the lawsuits seem stupid and insignificant.
German Migrants being detained
They’re suing their host government because they’re taking too long… That doesn’t seem right to me

But, as stated earlier, the reason they could be attempting to speed the process up is to get people doing the background checks to mess up. If that happens then there is a greater risk of a terrorist attack coming through, and that could mean more damage to the citizens of Germany.

Germany and France have already suffered tremendously. It seems like every other day we witness another terror attack that leads to the death of countless people. ISIS is smart though. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are refining their strategy in Europe so that they can easily transfer it over to America. If they tried it the other way around, it probably wouldn’t work.

Hillary Clinton has stated that she wants open borders to bring some 'migrants' here. Why? So they can sue our government for taking too long? If that happens then she would do what she could to make sure that they got what they wanted.

Hillary wants to open the borders to these migrants. That is just a bad idea considering the trouble Germany is going through

Next thing you know the background checks wouldn’t clear and we would have more terrorists inside the United States that want to cause harm to the citizens here. Is that something that you want? This is EXACTLY what these traitors in Wash DC want for you.

We cannot turn into Germany. They have set a great example for what happens if you open up the country. That is why it is extremely important to vote for Donald Trump in this election. 

Please share this article. If even half of you do that, then we can assure that Clinton cannot accept 'migrant workers' (you really believe they intend to 'work'?  And that is why they are insistent on being sent to our nation?) that will complain about our 'government'. 


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