Bill Clinton 'LOST' our Nuclear Codes!

OMG! EXPLOSIVE interview 
with Former Military Aide to Bill Clinton 
says he LOST our Nuclear Codes?

Published on Aug 16, 2016
That's right. You heard that correctly. Former Senior Military Aide to President Bill Clinton Buzz Patterson joined me. Buzz was in charge of our nuclear codes and Bill Clinton's "nuclear suitcase". 

In this EXPLOSIVE interview he reveals that former President Bill Clinton actually LOST our nuclear codes! According to Patterson, Bill Clinton was more upset that the press would find out rather than the fact that he lost the codes to begin with!  Bill Clinton was so careless with our codes that he had them written down on a piece of paper stuffed between his credit cards and wrapped with a rubber band! 

How anybody could ever want the Clinton's near anything that had to do with our National Security is beyond me.

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