'Zombies' and the 'Mutation Response Team' truck ???



Protection From 'Zombies' Will Come From the 'Mutation Response Vehicles'

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"These long dark vehicles were spotted by my friend driving down Interstate 4 Longwood, Florida, just north of the Orlando metroplex this morning. No license plate... Google Search shows no info on this vehicle or name on the vehicle. What are these, and what is a 'Mutation Response Vehicle'?"

A FEW years ago this huge multi-million $$ ... usually no windows ... no identifying tags ... shiny new ... ultra heavy duty... sometimes with things on top connected to things inside the big back portion ... some could have been "cremation" vans...(killum - cookum on the spot vans) usually parked in fairly close proximity to WALMART stores in DEEP woods ... or in areas with lots of huge storage buildings --- fences ...

KEEP WATCH -- send photos - locations - time and dates....

Protection From 'Zombies' Will Come From the 'Mutation Response Vehicles'

What is a “Mutation Response Vehicle”?

I instantly recognized for what it was - the CDC’s fascination with the topic of 'zombies'. If you have never heard of this, you are in a for a shock.

'Zombies' have been all the rage. Between movies, books, games, television shows and other media, the concept of a 'zombie apocalypse' is very popular. And before you accuse yours truly of totally losing his mind, you should note the accompanying picture is brought to you courtesy of the CDC.

Also, when I read that Russia was testing a 'beam' weapon, which was introduced by then Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov that could fight back against a 'zombie' attack, I wondered if I had  missed something in my undergraduate Zoology class.

The Australia’s Herald Sun reports that this Russian weapon could transform humans into 'Zombies'. I began to wonder if there really is something to the rumors coming out of both the mainstream media (MSM) about the plausibility of something transforming humans into 'zombies', which would, in-turn, terrorize humanity.

In October of 2012, Navy special-operations forces, along with the Marines, took part in a DHS drill on an island off the coast of San Diego. The entire drill was based upon a 'zombie' invasion. This drill was not a parody as the exercise was also attended by former CIA director Michael Hayden.

Let me be clear on this point.  Former and then DHS director Janet Napolitano was not secretly concerned that the undead will soon overrun the human population. Instead, the agency said it wanted to make a serious counter-terrorism training exercise more 'fun'
ABC news reported the event as an example of wasteful spending. In fact, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) told ABC News that DHS also spent “$30,000 on an underwater robot for Columbus, Ohio, $240,000 for a armored personnel carrier to protect New Hampshire’s annual pumpkin festival and $69,000 for a hovercraft in Indianapolis.” Wasteful spending, more fun?  
What the hell is DHS up to? Who are the real Zombies? This is a very reasonable question to ask especially with DHS purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, placing orders for 2700 armored personnel carriers and placing solicitations for 7,000 fully automatic rifles, one should become very suspicious as to the true motives of DHS.
What a great way to hide what DHS (America's own IMPROVED secret Nazi SS) is truly up to.
And just when it could not get an weirder, it was reported that FEMA will hold a 'Zombie' Apocalypse/'Alien Invasion' drill in Moscow, Idaho on April 27, 2012 (don't write to us about 2012 folks - we are very much aware of that date - we are providing info for you - forget the date issue - OO) from 9 am to 5 pm with 100 participating actors. DHS scrubbed the notice of the drill from its website. However, the drill is still a go as evidenced by the fact that the County Coordinator, Sandi Rollins, for the Moscow, ID. area was listed as being the local person in charge of the drill. Here was Ms. Rollins’ contact information:
County Coordinator
Latah County
PO Box 8068
Moscow, ID 83843    srollins@latah.id.us     209-883-2265


The National Geographic Channel Popularizes the “Zombie Threat”

The National Geographic Channel (CIA propaganda media) produced a docudrama entitled The Truth Behind Zombies.
The threat from Zombies begins as an outbreak in which humans exhibit an extreme level of violence, entranced states, as they plunge into absolute madness.  Within days, the epidemic spreads and humanity is griped with fear.  Interesting development. George Soros and Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org, were not needed to promote strife in America. The MSM and the CDC were showing that they were capable of doing all on their own.

The show speculates that there is something behind the zombie myth. The show then proceeds to speculate on whether a mutated virus could create a vast army of zombies, and the producers go so far as to teach viewers how to survive such a threat.

Before running for the hills, it might be useful to recall that National Geographic has always been a CIA enterprise. And it is interesting that this show surfaced in proximity to the Zombie drills sponsored by DHS. One might call this PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.

Occam’s Razor


Against all common sense, I began to wonder if there could really be something to the legends of zombies and if DHS actually knew something that we did not about this potential threat. Being a researcher, I began to systematically examine each and every instance of the reports of threatening zombies using the principle known as 'Occam’s Razor', which states that the simplest answer is most often correct answer.

The Russian Zombie Death Ray Gun

Upon closer examination, the alleged Russian inspired zombie creating death ray is no more than a crowd control device capable of inflicting massive pain and mind-control. The hordes of newly created Russian zombies were no more than dissidents who needed to brought under control. And the Russian weapon is similar to the “microwave heater” used by the US government for the same purpose. Although the Zombie producing ray gun is a myth, the fact that the device is a crowd control device is highly significant. Perhaps the Russian version of the DHS is also accumulating billions of rounds of ammunition in order to use it against the Russian people.


DHS Zombie Defense Drills

When we strip away the zombie hype in the media, the zombie preparation drill in October of 2012, according to the videotape evidence, is no more than a glorified target practice session designed to practice shooting humans.
Now you know. Prepare, and protect yourself and your loved ones from this tyranny.

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