A little sneak peek into Freewill's daily work

I figured I would share a bit of what I do during the day with all of you Nesaranews readers. I know I am not on this blog much during the day. Sometimes I get the chance to check for unapproved comments or any important emails and will approve or post. You can see my tablet sitting on my tool box.

That is a 950 HP Cat 3412 engine that I am rebuilding. I may even give it a paint job when I am done. This engine powers an old Peterson Pacific HC4400 tree grinder that I converted into a scrap metal shredder. I redone the mill with 2 inch plate steel. Welds are also 2 inches thick. Manganese cutters. The mill is 5 feet wide. It even grinds up car engines and drive trains. Can't fit a complete car into it at once so we shear the car into 4 pieces then send it through. This shredder was used after hurricane Katrina for processing all the debris for landfills. I keep having thoughts of taking the shredder to DC for aiding the cleanup of all that debris once the republic takes over.

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