Two tweets that show Americans for Peace Now is clueless

I was struck by these two consecutive tweets by Americans for Peace Now's Lara Friedman.

The first:
Here is what the referenced Haaretz article says:
According to the developing formulation, a court will be able to order the platform to remove any content immediately, if it is a post that deals with terror or poses real danger to the security of the state, the public or an individual.
“In light of the potential harm to freedom of expression, orders to remove content will be given sparingly, in extreme cases and directed only at harmful content,” according to the statement released at that time.
In other words, the proposal is meant to save lives when the content is incitement to murder.

No less an authority that Amnesty International says "International human rights law obliges states to prohibit advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence." (Amnesty unfortunately changes its opinion radically when Israeli Jews are the targets of such incitement.)

Lara Friedman is falsely claiming that incitement to murder and terror is protected speech - and limiting it is similar to what China and Saudi Arabia and Russia do. Actually, she says that Israel is holding up those three countries as examples of what to emulate.

The article says no such thing. And international humanitarian law says the opposite of what Americans for Peace Now seems to believe.

Why does Americans for Peace Now support incitement to murder?

The second tweet:

I responded back by pointing out that the entire "linkage" argument that was popular around 2010 and has experienced a resurgence lately is based entirely on that false claim that she says doesn't exist:

Two tweets that are both 100% wrong.

You would think that Lara Friedman and her fellow "Peace Now" pals would be embarrassed at being so wrong. But these people live in a fantasy land where wishful thinking is far more real than reality.

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