The return of the "rabbi permits soldiers to rape" slander

The IDF appointed a new chief rabbi, Rabbi Eyal Qarim.

Already the Arab media (echoing Israeli media) are saying that Rabbi Qarim issued a legal ruling a few years back allowing soldiers to rape enemy women during wartime.

As I reported at the time, this slander was created by Yossi Gurwitz at +972mag. He made it sound like a person asked the rabbi if soldiers today would be allowed to rape enemy women and he claimed not only that Rabbi Qarim justified the practice, but that he claimed that it was essential to the success of a war. In fact, the questioner was asking why the Torah apparently allowed such a barbaric practice (the "Comely Woman," Deuteronomy 21:10–14) and the rabbi answered why it was considered permissible thousands of years ago under very specific circumstances but in no way did he say that it was permissible today, nor did he say it was essential.

The rabbi made his unwavering opposition to rape during wartime explicit when asked to clarify his position.

But Jewish antisemites like Gurwitz (whose original article included the passage that the text of the Torah was "fuelled by the hatred of mankind which is endemic to Judaism") ran with the false and slanderous story and mocked Qarim's denial that he supported rape in any way, shape or form - and of course Israel's enemies are happy to seize the false stories by Jews who hate other Jews. Gurwitz' false article was shared thousands of times.

So today we are seeing the Arab media reporting that the new chief rabbi of the IDF allows rape but that the IDF tried to cover up his true position because of public relations.

All thanks to self-hating Jews who are eager to falsely slander their religion to the world.

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