The newest human right: Free transportation to visit terrorists in prison

Palestinian Arabs have added a new "human right" to their ever-expanding list to stay way ahead in the world's entitlement sweepstakes.

For years, the International Committee for the Red Cross had arranged transportation for Palestinians to visit their family members in Israeli prisons twice a month. This month, however, they have reduced the number of visits to only once a month.

And the families now have to pay their own transportation costs to see their terrorist sons or fathers.

The Red Cross cited budget problems for the change, but the families could not conceive that there is any more important function of the ICRC than giving them transportation to visit convicted terrorists in prison.

The ICRC-sponsored visits to prisoners who are women or youths below 18 continue twice a month because there are relatively few of them. According to B'Tselem, there are 414 minors in prison as of the end of April.

The number of Palestinians in Israeli prisons have gone up from around 5,200 to around 6.300 since the "knife uprising" started in September 2015.

Palestinians have consistently been, by far, the largest recipients of international humanitarian aid per capita year after year. As a result they have built an entire society based on entitlement, where they believe that they deserve free services from the world forever. Whenever an aid program gets cut they start protests, often violent, and often they end up getting their way, taking money away from real humanitarian crises.

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