The Guardian correction that reveals the antisemitism of the Left

A correction at an article in The Guardian:

This article was amended on 15 July 2016 to reduce from 840 to 240 the reported number of newly approved Jewish homes in East Jerusalem. The difference, 600 newly approved Arab homes in the neighbourhood of Beit Safafa, had been mistakenly included in the total of new Jewish homes.
(This correction was prompted by UK Media Watch.)

With a stroke of a pen, 600 "illegal Jewish settlements" approved by the Israeli government turned into 600 well-deserved homes for Arabs in Jerusalem.

Even though they are also across the Green Line.

All of the new housing is in what would be considered "East Jerusalem" by the UN, EU, US and Palestinians.

Al Jazeera tried to hide that fact by calling the location of the homes "southern Jerusalem," while Jewish neighborhoods in the northern and southern parts of Jerusalem are routinely considered as to be in "east Jerusalem" because "east Jerusalem" implies "illegal."

UPI called it
" a neighborhood within Jerusalem, bordering East Jerusalem."

All of this hand-waving is meant to hide the simple fact that according to the international community, the only thing that makes new housing "illegal" is if the intended residents are Jewish. (Israeli Arabs can and do move to new homes in Jerusalem across the Green Line without anyone calling them "illegal settlers.")

If international law says that Jews, and only Jews, cannot live in these homes, then international law is antisemitic.

Since that is impossible, this reveals the reality that the interpretation of international law that allows Israel to build houses for Arabs in the exact same area that Jews are not allowed is what is antisemitic.

Not anti-Zionist: antisemitic.

(h/t Yerushalimey)

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