Palestinian "expert" says no evidence of a Jewish nation in the Middle East

Elian Hindi, a supposed expert on Israel affairs, has declared that there is no archaeological evidence of Jews ever having a nation in the Middle East.

Speaking on Wattan TV, Hindi said that there have been two phases of archaeological research in Israel. The first was between 1930 and 2000, when many international archaeologists combed the land and came up with nothing showing any sort of Jewish civilization. (Edward Robinson might have been surprised at this.) The second phase since 2000 have been archaeologists who have been religious Jewish scholars whose findings cannot be taken seriously.  (Which would surprise lots of other people.)

Hindi said, "To this day all the relics discovered were either Roman or Arab Islamic and no traces of [Jewish history] have been found in Jerusalem or Palestine." (Which would surprise pretty much everyone with a brain.)

He added that Jews in the area were shepherds, not leaders.

Too bad the interviewer didn't seem to ask Hindi whether the Quran is then in error. It would have been fun to see him squirm.

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