Malki's Song

Last night, Mrs. Elder and I attended the Rainbow of Music concert in Ra'anana to benefit the Malki Foundation.

Arnold and Frimet Roth established the Malki Foundation (Keren Malki) to memorialize their beautiful daughter Malki Roth who was murdered at age 15 by Palestinian Arab terrorists in the Sbarro pizza shop bombing in August 2001.

Keren Malki follows through on Malki's dedication to helping special-needs children. It provides therapies to those in need that are not covered by Israel's national insurance; it provides (sometimes expensive) equipment free of charge to those in need, and it sends special needs therapists to parts of Israel that are under-served.

One of the emotional highlights of the evening was the performance of Malki's Song, Shir Lismoach ("A Song of Joy.") Malki had written this song - music and lyrics - and intended to enter it into a competition, but missed the submission deadline and never told her parents. They found out about it from her classmates while they were sitting shiva for her.

The song, which is very upbeat, has been performed and recorded by some major artists in Israel. Here is a cell-phone video of Malki's Song being performed last night.

The lyrics in English:

Each of us has a share in the World to Come
And that is already a reason to be happy
We each have a spark and a start
And this is reason enough to be happy

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have a way of arriving
We all have a way back too
We each have a hope and a future
And a place in the World to Come

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have so many reasons
So you better start dancing now
We each already have a reason to laugh
So let’s all shout together-

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

I highly recommend that you donate what you can to the Malki Foundation.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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