Administrivia: Jerusalem speech, falafel and more

Been too busy to blog much. But Mrs. Elder and I are having a blast during our time in Israel. 

Editing and uploading videos is taking a long time on the equipment we brought along so there are many interviews and events that I'll get to as soon as I can. 

For example, besides the remainder of the Hasby awards (5 more parts) and more of my interview with Ben Dror Yemini, I also interviewed a world expert on antisemitism and a scholar of Islam and the Islamic world.  Both fascinating interviews, and also long. 

Last night I gave my speech in Jerusalem and the feedback was fantastic. I hope to upload the presentation soon. In the audience was a really nice young Arab man (wearing a kippah out of respect for the shul) who asked a great question, and a woman who is currently based in Amman, Jordan  who came to Jerusalem just to hear me speak. 

Also, the falafel at the greasiest gas station blows away the best falafel in New York. Just sayin'. 

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