Abbas in Africa: "Negotiations are useless," "We condemn terror" and other lies

Bibi isn't the only person who has been looking to Africa for support.

PA president Mahmoud Abbas addressed the 27th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly which was attended by over 35 heads of state in Rwanda.

His speech included the usual lies.

He attempted to blunt Bibi's visit to African nations by claiming that he can also offer scientific expertise to help Africa reach its development goals.

Abbas addressed the Nice attack, saying "I call on everyone to stand united against terrorism, which has no religion; at the same time, we condemn all acts of terrorism that have occurred recently in various parts of the world." Except for those where Jews are killed, where the terrorists are heroes.

Abbas attacked the Quartet report that ascribed a small amount of responsibility to Palestinians for their incitement to terror, saying "The international Quartet mechanism has once again failed to carry out their duties in accordance with the 2003 road map. It has recently issued a report that detracts from the resolutions of international legitimacy, and twists the neck of the truth, it does not reflect the reality of our people under Israeli occupation, it has equated the victim and the executioner, which would encourage Israel, the occupying power, to proceed with the tyranny and violations of international law."

"Any negotiating process is useless," he added, before insisting that Israel must release terrorists from prison to achieve his idea of "peace."

He also presented the president of Rwanda and, I believe, the AU president with the "Star of Jerusalem" award that he gives to every major politician that deigns to meet with him.

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