Water, water everywhere but not a drop of truth by B'Tselem

Yesterday, B'Tselem tweeted:

The link goes to a Haaretz article by Amira Hass where Palestinians complain that settlements get all the water and none go to their communities in Judea and Samaria.

The Haaretz article didn't mention swimming pools once.

One person pointed out to  B'Tselem public relations director Roy Yellin that Palestinian swimming pools happen to be full:

Indeed it is open, along with numerous other Palestinian water parks and swimming pools.

Yellin simply could not understand how this is relevant right after he retweeted about settlement swimming pools:

What possible point could there to point out that Palestinian swimming pools are full be right after he complains that Jews have swimming pools? It is a real mystery, I tell ya.

It just so happens that Yisrael Medad told me yesterday that Israel's water carrier Mekorot turned off the water altogether in his community at Shiloh.

That's right, Jewish settlements with no water in the hot summer months.

 B'Tselem is not interested in truth. But this is how it raises all that European funds so it can give salaries to people like Yellin.

Truth becomes a burden when you need to pay for your own swimming pool.

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