Hamas takes away recreation land from Gazans to reward terrorists

Al Soava is a set of sandy hills right outside Rafah that residents have turned into a recreation area. Kids fly kites and run up and down the dunes as families picnic.

Vendors go around selling toys, snacks and drinks for the people taking a break.  It is apparently the only open space easily accessible to residents of Rafah.

Hamas has started to flatten the dunes in order to give the land to its employees who haven't been paid for three years.

One Gazan complained bitterly, saying "Al Soava is park that dozens of families flock to a day. It is an escape from their homes, as most of them are poor, who cannot afford to go to the expensive beachfront chalets and cafeterias. These golden sands is the only place for fun and happiness for their children. "

That Gazan refused to give his name for fear of being arrested by Hamas.

Hamas is naming the new neighborhood "Attar," after Raed Attar, a top-ranking terrorist who was killed by Israel in August 2014.

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