Guess who shot a girl in Gaza?

From the Hamas site Palestine Times:

A girl was shot at dawn on Monday while in her home west of the Tal al- Sultan area of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

According to our correspondent the 13 year-old was critically injured, after suffering a gunshot wound in her chest area, while sitting in her home.

She was transferred to the European Hospital east of Khan Yunis.

Security sources suggested that the source of the gunfire that hit the girl was from Egyptian territory, as there was ​​heavy fire on the Egyptian - Palestinian border.
Heavy fire on the border between Egypt and Gaza?

Al Quds adds that there are regularly police actions in Egyptian Rafah where Gazans hear gunfire and explosions, and more than once shells have landed on the Gaza side.

Just another aspect of the Middle East that no one hears about because Israel is not involved.

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