Arab media call Abbas gift of Zionist newspaper a "scandal"

It took a couple of days but the Arab media have noticed that Mahmoud Abbas gave a gift of a Zionist newspaper to King Salman.

Shehab News Agency writes:

In a resounding slap to the face of the to the heritage and history of the Palestinian people, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gifted Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz with a souvenir, a historic image of the first Zionist newspaper in Palestine "Palestine Post."

Abbas giving a copy of that paper to the Saudi king shows the level of the decline happening in Palestinian diplomacy, as try to change history and shun Palestinian heritage.

Who told Abbas to offer this scandalous gift? And how did it come about? How could he give a Zionist newspaper that has always aired its poison against our people?
This is going to get good.

As far as the answer to the question of Abbas shunning Palestinian heritage, well, it is not exactly the first time Palestinians have been forced to co-opt British and Jewish institutions as "Palestinian." After all, they didn't consider themselves "Palestinian" until well after the British Mandate of Palestine ended.

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