Spotted for Sale: 2012 Honda CR-Z 2.0 - It should have been like this all along

It's been a while since I did any 'Spotted for Sale' articles. I suppose it's because there haven't been anything truly interesting out there when I was checking out the want ads. This time we have a winner folks, a 2012 Honda CR-Z with a nice big fat VTEC inside. By nice I mean a 2.0liter with 2.4liter stroker kit Honda K20a Type R engine plonked into it instead of the standard lethargic 1.5liter with a tiny electric motor for assist. 

I have to say that the CR-Z looks good, drives typically well as its a Honda but is sorely lacking in terms of performance. The 1.5liter IMA hybrid system put out between 111hp for the CVT variant to 130hp in its current guise. This would make it as fast as any 1.8liter car out there and it would honestly get eaten up by any turbocharged 1.4liter Volkswagen Golf TSI, a Honda Civic 2.0 or even that pesky superlight 1.5liter Perodua Myvis driven by people who think that MyviS are not shopping trolleys that they are really are but sports cars. This one on the other very interesting.

The Toda cams are interesting as is the 2.4liter stroker kit installed. This should be ballistic. 277whp made easily in my opinion and should be enough to propel this little sports car to have a sub 6 second 0-100kmh time instead of a paltry 9.9  or so seconds that the original manual CR-Z could do. 

It has a low mileage according to the advert, under 30000km. The only thing is the RM110,000 price tag. Most stock, and therefore a tad boring second hand 2012 CR-Zs out there are going for around RM70,000-80,000. This extra is for the sum of parts thrown into it. Oh, obviously buyer beware when it comes to cars like this. But don't it look like fun?

Orignal ad is here (while it lasts) or below:

"Seller Says

Mugen full bodykit,k20a type R engine,
Toda a3 cams,retainer and valve springs,fd2r intake,Eagles forge conrod,wiseco forge Pistons,tabata s alu radiator,hondata ecu,mugen full lock lsd,
2.4 stroker kit, full ported and polish, oem honda big/oversize throttle,air intake,custom 3" extractor and piping with j's muffler,ori 17" ssr forge rims,BC forge suspension,RECARO seats,brembo 4pot and 335mm rotor,ogura clutch,close gear ratio gearbox,excellent for time attack car,277whp,VTEC,dc5,fd2r,type r,ek9"


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