Spotted for Sale: 1990 Wine Red Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 - The original Godzilla

Welcome to another round of 'Spotted for Sale', where we troll the want-ads on for something worthy of petrolheads to buy or dream of. This time its another classic. It's the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, the first of the all-wheel drive Skyline GT-R that all JDM lovers go weak in the knees for. A 1990 vintage, and recently brought into Malaysia from Japan. This is one among 6 or so R32 Skyline GT-R that are currently on sale in the Klang Valley ranging from RM118,000 to RM150,000. Oh, prices stated are not inclusive the 6% GST. Ho Ho Ho.

Anyway, this shows that car importers are getting smart and bringing in older classic cars. Those being over 25 years old qualify as classic cars and come under a somewhat different import regulations as those under normal Approved Permit (AP) imports. Soon many will capitalise on this and we should be seeing Malaysia to be another one of those countries that older JDM classics find their next home. Even the Americans are importing right-hand-drive Skyline GT-Rs so eventually the car will be so rare in native Japan.

The R32 Skyline GT-R was the first of the fully equipped GT-Rs with all-wheel drive, four wheel steering, electronic slip control and all sorts of witchcraft. It had a twin turbocharged in-line 6 cylinder engine and made approximately 280bhp in stock form. In this form, it was super mild. Those fully done up RB26 engines could easily handle 600hp and actually, the R32 usually gets properly fun with at least 450hp at the wheels. So this Wine Red car, if stock could be something that is only decently fast by today's standard.

These days, the R35 GT-R isn't called the Skyline anymore. Just GT-R. It makes at least 500hp stock and gets to 0-100kmh in under 4 seconds easily. Those days the GT-R needed 5 seconds  or so. If you're lucky. But if you bought one of these, you'd be owning a JDM classic of the highest order. The first of something so potent. It may have that understated three box shape with some wider wheelarches but the R32 GT-R was fancied by many a petrolhead. In fact, if I bought this one, I'd leave it stock on the outside. I'd even keep the standard alloy wheels. It looks so yummy in that 1990s sor tof way. I'd may just up the boost so that it makes at least 350hp though. Stock in one is just too mundane and I am worried that a Golf GTI with some mods would knock the socks out of it. Yes, it may have 280hp...but this was in 1990 lah. twenty five years the engine may have lost a few Japanese horses here and there.

I have seen a few in action in my time. From the mid 1990s where a massively modified GT-R used to run in the sprint races on saturday night at the Batu Tiga circuit to passing by a house of a prominent Malaysian banker who had one since 1995 too. But now, there are 6 or so unregistered R32 GT-Rs which you can buy.

I think there could be a chance for more classic Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Subaru Imprezas and other JDM cars which are over 25 years old reaching our shores. Soon Malaysia is going to be vintage JDM paradise.

Catch the original ad here while it lasts or read it posted down below:

Seller Says

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 BNR32
Color: Red Wine
Engine: RB26
Imported From Japan - JUST ARRIVED!!
Showroom Quality/ Tip Top Condition
Price RM 118,000 +6%GST

Keeping my Info list very simple so if you have any particular questions regarding the cars, contact below


Fayed @0178857509
Rahman @0162616306
Farhan @0129670900


Showroom Address
No.3 Blok 2 City Garden Commercial Centre
Taman Nirwana, 68000 Ampang Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
4 Wheels
Engine Capacity
2600 cc
120 000 - 129 999
Reg. Year
Mfg. Year



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