Another reason Why the availability of Euro 5 diesel is good for Malaysians

Too tired to write something long today. Just finished dinner, fittung for a sports jacket, driving a Volvo FH Prime Mover, archery, paintball target practice and a ride on a ATV. Not necessarily in that order but you get my point.

This why why Euro 5 diesel will benefit people who like nice cars...the Mercedes Benz CLS250 CDI. In Malaysia CDI or Bluetech diesels brought in via grey import cannot run properly on the Euro 2 grade diesel we used to have prior to this introduction of Euro5. The CLS 250 runs a 2.2 liter twin turbo diesel engine and was never sold here officially. The CLS350 CGI was what we had.

The had a petrol 3.5liter V6 engine. Good performance but the annual road tax was in the RM4,000+ region. The CLS250 is under RM500.

See what we're missing? In Hua Hin Thailand I got to see three...I repeat, three CLS250 at the front of the Hilton hotel. Tax break models that we now can actually run in our country. Running a CLS may be possible without breaking the bank.

Thailand had an early start by implementing better grade petrol and diesel (although the price is higher than in Malaysia but it is waaay cleaner).

This is why their automotive sector is miles ahead of us these days.

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