2016 Renault Megane revealed. Looks good. Can't wait for a RenaultSport version.

The 2016 Renault Megane has been revealed ahead of its official preview at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. It looks good. It is larger. The wheelbase is longer by 28mm and it is also wider as well as longer in body length too. Good news for us car enthusiasts is that the car is 25mm lower. Now why would that be good news then?

Well, the 2016 Megane hatchback looks good. Imagine how the RenaultSport Megane RS will look when it comes out. With that lower roofline it also means an inherently lower center of gravity. Expect an even more rounded Renaultsport product when one gets produced. This is why I am excited in some ways.

As for the point of it looking good, I do think more Renault DNA should be pumped into Nissan's line-up. There is something called the Renault-Nissan Alliance. These days I think Nissan needs more Renault styling tips for its bread and butter models. The line-up looks very uncle like. I may be an uncle as I have a few nieces and nephews toddling around but I wouldn't want to be caught dead in most of the Nissans that are being sold these days.

Not much of the actual specs have been thrown around as regards the new, now fourth generation, Renault Megane. But all in due time. Frankfurt's just around the corner.

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